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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q:  What can I do to help as a parent?
A:  CWSA is a volunteer-based club organization that needs the support and commitment from the parents of our players.  If you have interest, ask the coach what you can do at practice to help.  It may be as simple as setting up cones or moving a goal.  This will make the time your child spends at practice more productive.  More importantly, be involved in the monthly meetings and support the activities and tournaments the club is responsible for.  The more people involved, the more our children will learn and the more opportunities they will have to play soccer.

Q:  Who can attend monthly board meetings?
A:  CWSA monthly board meetings are open to EVERYONE involved in our club (including board members, coaches, volunteers, community members, friends, parents, and even players).  Your input into CWSA matters!  Please attend as many monthly meetings as you are able.  This is a forum for you to communicate (both positive and needs improvement items) to the coaches and the board.


Q: Why do I have to register my child so early, sometimes school hasn’t even started?
A: There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that has to take place in order for a soccer season for even one player to actually occur.  Determining how many teams are going to be established, having the appropriate number of fields and goals available, ordering uniforms, lining up referees, and determining schedules are some of the items that must happen.  In addition, we have district requirements that we must meet.  In order for these items to fall into place, we must allow appropriate time for meetings and scheduling.  CWSA tries to be flexible where possible, but sometimes we cannot meet some of the demands based on rules and policies.

Q:  I registered my child, How do I make a payment?
A:  Go to the www.cwsoccer.org web page.  Click on "Edit my Info" on the blue menu tabs on the left side of the home page.  Enter your email address and your current password.  You will be brought to a page with        your family members' names and the programs for which they have previously registered.  On the bottom right corner you will see a Mastercard/Visa box that says PAY NOW.  Click that box and you will be brought into a payment screen.  Enter credit card information, PayPal, etc.  Click each member’s name.  A participant’s page will be displayed.

Q:  How do I change my Email address on my member record?
A:  Go to the www.cwsoccer.org web page.  Click on "Edit my Info" on the blue menu tabs on the left side of the home page.  Enter your old email address and your current password.  You will be brought to a page with your family members' names and the programs for which they have previously registered.  Click each         member's name.  A participant's page will be displayed.  Change all necessary data (email address, etc.) and click the submit button at the bottom of the page.  Repeat the change for EACH family member, if applicable (email address, phone number, etc).

Q:  Does CWSA have a Financial Aid Policy?
A:  Yes.  Please contact the registrar at registrarcwsa@gmail.com regarding our policy.

Q:  Why do I have to fill out a medical release form?
A:  All children must have a medical release form on file with their coach in case of injury or illness.  It lets the coach know about your child’s special needs, insurance, and treatment facility preferences. All possible attempts will be made to contact you in the event of an injury, illness, or emergency. This information is there to ensure appropriate emergency care should that be needed.

Q:  How do I know if I still have a game/practice/training when there is bad weather outside?
A:  Field closings will be noted in the scrolling marquee on the home page of the website.  Please check the website before heading to any games/practices/training sessions if in doubt.  While the safety of our players is our main concern, unless the fields are deemed unplayable or lightning/thunder is in the area, all practices and games should be played. Games and practices should be held unless the fields are closed or the weather is unsafe.

Q:  What equipment should my child have to participate in soccer?
A:  All players should have the appropriate sized ball and shin guards.  Shin guards are required for both practice and games; no child will be allowed to play without them.  Also, all players should have their own drinking water/hydrating beverage as some fields have no facilities.

Q:  What size soccer ball does my child need?
A:  Soccer ball sizes depends upon the age of child.  Below is a chart to help guide you by grade.

Size 3 Pre-K to 2nd Grade
Size 4 3rd Grade to 5th Grade
Size 5 6th Grade to Adult